So, as you may have ascertained by the title, "Hipster Dust" is now a thing that exists—and no, we don't mean cocaine. Rather than attempt to explain what it is, we think a few words from the creatorsstraight from the "About Us" portion of—will suffice

"Hipster Dust is a vegan spice mixture that took flight in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is used in the kitchen to flavor vegetables, soups, noodles and everything else. Hipster Dust’s cult following has expanded far beyond its birthplace. Hipster Dust lovers have carried their enthusiasm for this invigorating seasoning from Brooklyn across the country, making fans of its distinct flavor along the way."

They're still very hush-hush on the ingredients, thus making "Hipster Dust" a special $5 secret.

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[via Gothamist]