Date: October 2008

In a story straight out of a film, Officer Jorge Arbaje-Diaz was discovered to be working for a gang that stole millions of dollars worth of cocaine from drug dealers and resold it on the streets. The 30-year-old Arbaje-Diaz, known as "Shorty," joined the force in 2005. During his three years on the force, he reportedly took part in violent crimes including holding victims' heads under water to get information about drugs, and threatening to squeeze their testicles with pliers. The crew that Arbaje-Diaz was a part of would carefully select victims, then flash their badges and pull them over using their lights and sirens. They reportedly stole 750 kilos of cocaine worth an estimated $20 million, and $4 million in cash. Authorities also recovered another 70 kilos of cocaine and 20 guns.

The robberies that Arbaje-Diaz took part in resulted in $200,000 in drugs and several thousands of dollars in cash. In at least one of the robberies, Arbaje-Diaz wore his full uniform—badge, gun, handcuffs, and all. Arbaje-Diaz was indicted for his role in at least 100 robberies in the Bronx, Queens, and Upper Manhattan. However, police say the gang was also active in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida. In 2011, Arbaje-Diaz was sentenced to 20 years in prison.