Spring Breakers star Selena Gomez is NYLON magazine's February cover girl, and damn if she isn't killing it. She wears a woven basketball jersey with a Breakers-appropriate bikini underneath. The former Disney starlet talked about how she and BFF Taylor Swift (wait, isn't T-Swift supposedly best friends with Jennifer Lawrence too? And Emma Stone?) bonded over "experienc[ing] the same things at the same time." Would that be dating tween pop stars with famous hair?



Gomez also praised Spring Breakers (out March 22) director Harmony Korine for taking a chance on her. "It was my first audition in years," she said. "I was really nervous, but Harmony took a chance with me. He said, 'You live in this bubble, and I'm going to take you out of it, but you have to trust me.'" Speaking from the movie's trailer, it looks like it paid off.

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[via NYLON]