It was on January 22, 2003, when Dave Chappelle and Neal Brennan introduced us to the most successful sketch comedy show of the past decade: Chappelle’s Show. Playing off of racial stereotypes, politics, and pop culture, the duo put on a comedy clinic with nearly every episode they pumped out—providing some of the most memorable catchphrases, characters, and skits of this TV generation. We're talking about a program that 'til this day remains one of the top-selling comedy DVDs and most watched shows on broadcast syndication. Remarkable.

After revisiting the series for the umpteenth time we took note of the comedian's knack for poking fun at technology and the way people use it. From psychic hotlines to his infatuation with Internet porn, we commemorate the sitcom's 10-year anniversary with these hilarious Chappelle's Show Tech-Inspired Skits. It's a celebration bitches!