We'd say that we don't envy the Miss America Pageant's judges, but, yeah, we'd be lying. Who wouldn't kill to pick and choose between some of the country's sexiest ladies, all of whom are clad in swimwear. Still, it can't be easy designating only one of those beautiful ladies as the best. But, nevertheless, only one woman can win the crown.

There are plenty of other respectable honors and distinctions, though. For example, being one of the first two or three runners-up is definitely commendable. Our favorite side prize, of course, is the Swimsuit Award—one thing you can count on with Miss America is that you'll always see some tight, curvy bodies.

While it’s great that someone earns the title of Miss America, far too many gorgeous ladies get overlooked. To remedy that before Saturday night's broadcast of this year's festivities (at 9 p.m. EST, on ABC), we'd like to honor all of the less victorious, though equally worthy, contenders with our list of The 50 Hottest Miss America Contestants Who Didn’t Win. Because they also deserve our googly eyes.

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Written by Valeriya Safronova (@vsaffron)