When they aren't making #cutforbieber a trending topic on Twitter, the 4chan community is hard at work helping artists get on primetime TV.

Right now its random imageboard, /b/, is trying to get the 23-year-old rapper Lil B, also known as BasedGod, to perform on the 55th annual Grammy Awards on February 10. 

As The Daily Dot reports, Operation #BasedGrammys asks 4chan's users to do the following: 

1. Go to facebook/TheGrammys/app_207367796002477
2. Use all ten of your votes for Lil B
3. Watch as Lil B's freestyles for 45 minutes, raps about love, humanity, and acceptance. People will start having sex everywhere as money becomes irrelevant, the State dissolves, and Lil B ushers in the Age of Man. 

In his short career, Lil B has attracted more than 600,000 Twitter followers and 80 million YouTube views, so clearly he's got a knack for social media. But whether 4chan can pull the stunt off remains to be seen.

[via Daily Dot]