The fictional town of Charming, California, had so much potentional. The unique setting of Sons of Anarchy—a classic American town compromised by its need for SAMCRO—could have been as richly textured as Pawnee (Parks and Recreation) or Harlan County (Justified). The relationship between Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Clay (Ron Perlman) also had interesting possiblities as showrunner Kurt Sutter's promise of "Hamlet on motorcycles" seemed so close to running its course by the end of season 3 that you could taste it.

But then the Sons went off to Ireland and pushed the pause button on the plots viewers had been waiting so long to resolve. While we love Sons of Anarchy as much as any pop culture outlet, we're among those still waiting for the show to payoff what we view as its initial promises, instead of adding new gangs to blow up with each passing season.

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