#16-13: Eternal Darkness Ancients

Series: Eternal Darkness
Debut: Eternal Darkness
Premise: Eternal Darkness Prequel

Complex Says: Eternal Darkness is an amazing, award winning game by Silicon Knighs. Thank SK’s original and engrossing plot that kept our hands glued to our controllers, but also raised more questions than answers by the ending.

The game stars Alexandra Roivas, a college student that explores her grandfather’s mansion for clues of his death. She discovers a book entitled The Tome of Eternal Darkness that is made entirely of flesh and bound by bone. Within this book are the stories of the people that are tied to the Eternal Darkness. The Tome itself is written in an indecipherable script that only a select few can read (coincidentally we play as the select few.)

According to the ancient you pick in the game’s intro, we discover that one ancient is weakened, and that we have to bind an ancient to stop the ancient we chose in the beginning of the game. This will prevent the end of the world, but how did this come about?

How did the ancients, who were once ordinary human beings, receive immense power and become what they are in this game? Where did the zombies come from? Who made the tome and how did it come about? What role does Mantorok play as the last ancient, and will he rise now that he is free from his binds? These points can be addressed (granted if Silicon Knights remains as a game developer) in the prequel in order to make way for the actual sequel to this awesome game.