#10: Alastor

Series: Viewtiful Joe/Devil May Cry
Debut: Devil May Cry, design debut in Viewtiful Joe
Premise: Devil May Cry Zero

Complex Says: When Devil May Cry sneaked its way into Viewtiful Joe, we became ecstatic. We love when Capcom creates and/or clarifies plot details in games outside of a particular series. So here we have Blade Master Alastor. Alastor is introduced as a fake Joe with a version of Joe’s vehicle, the Six Machine. After defeating the fake Joe, Alastor appears in his true form and flees to make way for a second meeting in the following chapter. Alastor fights Joe in every Viewtiful Joe game, and loses honorably which has become an ongoing gag of the series (as well as Alastor begging for more camera time.)

Capcom knew they had a gem on their hands when designing the Alastor character with Clover Studios. Alastor went from being a chapter boss to a playable character after completing the first Viewtiful Joe game on the V-Rated difficulty. His moveset in game is tied very closely to Devil May Cry, which helped answer questions about the game for us. So officially, the spirit inside the Alastor sword in DmC is the “Midnight Thunder Boy,” Blade Master Alastor from Viewtiful Joe.

We see Capcom having more fun with the Alastor character in Devil May Cry now that a character design attached to the name exists. The game can serve as a Devil May Cry prequel that explains how he became the spirit in the sword.