What Your Son Will Say: I hope you never wrote anything like that, dad.
What We Say: You will, of course, hang your head in shame, because we've all been there. All of us, at one point or another, have taken pleasure in the Internet's anonymity. You're able to say things digitally that we you'd never utter in any real-life public forum. Oddly enough, we've all been hurt by it too, but that doesn't stop us when we have a chance to hide behind the computerized veil.

Slowly, the Internet is getting tired of this anonymity. When you try to post a comment on comedy writer Ken Levine's blog, for instance, you see this message, "Even though leaving a comment anonymously is an option here, we really discourage that. Please use a name using the Name/URL option. Invent one if you must. Be creative. Anonymous comments are subject to deletion. Thanks." Get read to see more of this. People are getting tired of trolls.