When: November 2003
Fox News
Bill O'Reilly
Watch it here:
 O'Reilly hosts rapper, producer, principal

In 2003, renowned screamer Bill O'Reily hosted Cam'ron and Damon Dash on his show for something he paternalistically labeled an "intelligent discussion" on hip-hop. The conversation dealt with, you guessed it, rap's "harmful"' effects on the youth.

The two industry members faced off against Boondocks antagonist Salome Thomas-El while O'Reilly moderated, no doubt uncomfortable, surrounded by three black males. It didn't help that O'Reilly didn't have the decency to introduce Cam'ron as anything other than someone who "raps about pimping and bitches."

By the end of the segment, the venerated blowhard looked like a substitute teacher who'd lost control of his classroom. Trust us, Bill, no amount of "listen you guys"-es will help. "You mad?"

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