If you think racism is dead, you might be a racist.

More likely, you're someone who hasn't turned on the news in the last half-century. On a near-daily basis, cable news, talk radio stations, even your local news, can be found perpetuating the same casual racism you might encounter at local Klan gatherings.


Because the people who work at those networks are every bit as old and racially-unaware as the average country club member. You know, the semi-well-to-do people who think Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are patriotic neo-revolutionaries. But they aren't. They're just assholes.

For those of you still doubting racial hatred persists in the post-Civil-Rights era, here's a compilation of the 25 overtly racist moments in recent news history. Now when you tell news-junkies to "turn off that crap," you have reasons beyond the standard "it's boring."

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