Network: ABC
Stars: Anthony Edwards, Michael Nyqvist, Scott Michael Foster, Carmen Ejogo, Jacinda Barrett, Addison Timlin
Premieres: February 14

Why we're excited: It's been awhile since TV had a genuinely enjoyable, successful adventure series—mostly because on this medium they inevitably end up corny as fuck and the struggle to maintain whatever search the series' premise depends on renders the plot stagnant, dull, and directionless.

Still, we're always going to be willing to try out each and every one, because, who doesn't love a good adventure? Based off of the trailer and ABC's ramped up ad campaign, Zero Hour looks promising. So far the biggest plot details are being kept close to the vest, but from what we can tell, the show centers around a continents-spanning kidnapping and conspiracy narrative that seemingly encompasses everything from Nazis, supernatural demon babies, and Da Vinci Code-esque contraptions.

Judging from past experience, final ruling on these types of series can't be made after the pilot. We'll definitely give Zero Hour a few hours of our time before we decide if it's the next great adventure for TV, or just more mid-season cancel bait.