Director: Brandon Cronenberg
Stars: Caleb Landry Jones, Sarah Gadon, Malcolm McDowell, Douglas Smith
Release date: To be determined

Brandon Cronenberg, the son of body-horror visionary David Cronenberg, doesn't seem all that interested in people embracing his feature film debut, Antiviral; cold, near-impenetrable, it's a challenging effort from a young director who's clearly studied his father's classics, like Videodrome and The Fly. As tough as it is to crack, the film is impossible to ignore.

Drawing inspiration from our culture's obsession with celebrity, Cronenberg's film creates an otherworldly society where doctors, like the intensely creepy Syd March (a marvelous Caleb Landry Jones), treat patients to injections of their favorite famous person's disease of choice; fork over your hard-earned cash, and you can feel closer to that Hollywood dream girl by battling through her strand of herpes.

Naturally, that process has dire consequences in Antiviral, especially when March indulges in the fatal illness of a starlet (the radiant Sarah Gadon) and has to fight through his deteriorating health to find a cure.