The U.S. and Britain have been engaged in a cultural exchange since the revolutionaries put down their muskets back in 1776. Without the UK, we wouldn't have heard of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Spice Girls, or The Lord of the Rings. We also wouldn't have had such glorious shows as American Idol, The Office, The Inbetweeners, and Game of Thrones. And there's still a lot more, er, beauty, to discover on the other shore. 

At first glance, Downton Abbey seems like a period melodrama with no interest value to a red-blooded American male. Costumes, marriages, hidden romances—these are not especially intriguing. But take a closer look. Specifically, at Jessica Brown Findlay and Michelle Dockery. These two gorgeous women play the lead roles of the Crawley sisters in the show and they will definitely make tuning into the season three premiere this Sunday on PBS worth it. 

In honor of Ms. Brown Findlay and Ms. Dockery, Complex explores what other English roses the Brits have been hiding from our eyes. These women aren't major stars—yet. They fly under America's radar, their hotness escaping our notice. Well, we've had enough of that. Freedom means the UK doesn't get to horde their most beautiful women. And so we give you The 25 Hottest Actresses in British TV Shows. 

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Written by Valeriya Safronova (@vsaffron)