Air dates: December 9, 2002-November 4, 2004
Star: Colin Quinn

CNN had Crossfire, the debate show that regularly featured lefties like James Carville and Geraldine Ferraro and right-wingers like Tucker Carlson and John Sununu verbally duking it out over worldly issues. Comedy Central, on the other hand, had Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, and, even though Wolf Blitzer will hate us for saying so, we'll always prefer the latter.

Hosted by veteran stand-upper Quinn, Tough Crowd assembled a revolving panel of his fellow comics on stage to discuss topical issues—and, unavoidably, insult the hell out of each other in the process. The usual suspects included Jim Norton, the late Patrice O'Neal, and Nick DiPaolo, but, every now and then, Quinn welcomed heavyweights like George Carlin and Jerry Seinfeld.