Air dates: June 4, 2009-present

Whether you think he's hilarious or obnoxious, there's one thing about Daniel Tosh that's undeniable: The man really is a pioneer. Debuting way back in June 2009, the former stand-up comedian's web-centric show Tosh.0 brought the Internet phenomenon of skewering viral videos and embarrassing YouTube clips into the world of primetime television.

The same week that Tosh.0 premiered, so did the similar Web Soup, but it's clear which property earned the most popularity. in the three years since. In better ways that Web Soup, Tosh's small-screen baby took the format of classic, like-minded programs like Talk Soup, modernized them for the cyber age, and, as a result, inspired subsequent copycats like MTV's Ridiculousness. And as the Tosh-produced Comedy Central cartoon Brickleberry suggests, he's not about to stop calling shots anytime soon.