Air dates:June 17, 2003-August 5, 2003
Stars: Gary Busey, Adam de la Peña

Whoever originally conceived the regrettably short-lived I'm with Busey deserves a lucrative development deal at Comedy Central, immediately.

It's a genius premise: An anonymous, hungry writer (Adam de la Peña) meets Gary Busey, one of his all-time favorite Hollywood actors, starts hanging out with him, and quickly realizes that Busey is certifiably batshit crazy. And wackiness ensues.

The craziness ran rampant, from Busey dressing up as a woman to teach his new buddy that "all men are failed women at birth," to the eccentric star grilling a dead badger and violating an airport bystander's personal space in order to see if he's an bioengineered alien. Even if its reality TV conceit was on the same bullshit level as, say, Jersey Shore, I'm with Busey admirably took creative risks on its way to a strange but singular legacy.