Celebrity: Taylor Kitsch

2012 was supposed to be the year that Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch announced himself as a movie star. He had leading roles in a Disney-backed sci-fi family adventure (John Carter), a quintessential noisy summer action blockbuster Battleship), and also a late-summer edgy crime drama with a veteran director (Savages). Fast forward to December and we just have one question for you: Do you remember anything about those movies?

The answer is: of course not, because once TV spots aired and reviews went up, common sense told you to spend your $12.50 anywhere else but the multiplex to support Kitsch's vehicles. You might know of John Carter and Battleship, but only because they lead the pack in the year's biggest box office fails. Oliver Stone's threesome-featuring crime drame Savages was the best of the bunch, financially and critically, though that's not saying much. (It doubled its budget and received mixed reviews).

All three films got exactly what they deserved, but the jury's still out on Kitsch—wooden actor or casting victim? We'll give his next project the benefit of the doubt just off of Friday Night Lights alone, but choose wisely this time, bro. —Frazier Tharpe