Celebrity: Karl Rove

It was all but over. The votes were being tallied, the two sides had gotten all of the information they needed from their trusted sources, and every major cable network was saying the same thing: Barack Obama had been re-elected as the president of the United States. But numbers and facts couldn't stop Karl Rove's rampage on Fox News when, even after the network itself called the election for Obama, he still refused to accept defeat.

Even after the newscasters on-hand and people off-set were trying to convince him otherwise, Rove was in complete denial of another four years with Obama. This was a conservative hissy-fit the likes of which we haven't seen since the Nixon days. In fact, we could envision Rove still, to this day, rummaging through ballot boxes in Ohio like a heavyset Woodward and Bernstein in an attempt to find proof of Romney's victory.

We think it would be best for Rove to just take 2013 to make peace with Romney's loss. We did like the part where he started to yell at the folks at Fox, though. That's an activity we can all agree on. —Jason Serafino