Celebrity: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has firmly established himself as one of the best leading men to ever grace the big screen, but this year saw him make a massive misstep when he was featured in a bizarrely pretentious commercial for Chanel No. 5. In this overly-serious black and white ad, Pitt stood against a bland canvas and spoke in a monotone voice that made Spock sound like Chris Tucker, while spewing philosophical nonsense for 30 seconds, none of which were spent telling us what the commercial was actually for.

It was only at the end when we saw a bottle of No. 5 that we realized what product Pitt was trying to jam down our throats. After taking on capitalism in November's satirically dark Killing Them Softly, seeing Pitt as a corporate shill for Chanel in this lifeless commercial unfortunately reminded us that a fat paycheck is always more important to these actors than the message they are delivering.

We know Pitt is pretty much bulletproof at this point, but if he keeps lending his face to these insipid TV spots, he'll lose the credibility that he has built up over the years. In our opinion, he needs to ignore the dump trucks full of money that these ads pay him and just stick to money-making films in 2013, That is unless he's thinking about starring in another Ocean's Eleven sequel. —Jason Serafino