Celebrity: Amanda Bynes

2012 has been an absolutely horrible year for Amanda Bynes, and most of her troubles started when she got behind the wheel of a car. In the past 12 months she has been accused of a hit-and-run, driving with a suspended license, and a DUI. Plus, there has been bizarre behavior on Twitter and weirdness whenever she's been out in public. Basically this whole year was a meltdown of Lohan proportions for Bynes, so we sincerely hope that 2013 will be relatively smooth sailing for the former child star.

The last thing this world needs is for her to either get seriously injured or, worse yet, hurt someone else in the process. Not only would it add to the stigma of child stars in Hollywood, but it would also dash our hopes of the proper All That reunion we all want so much. We're hoping that she can go 12 months without gracing the front page of TMZ; that's all we ask. —Jason Serafino