Movie: Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)

Get used to seeing Mel Brooks' name on this countdown—he's the almighty champion of cinematic parodies. Trying his hand at the most well-known of English folklore heroes, Brooks conceived the excellent Robin Hood: Men in Tights in 1993, acknowledging all of the original folk tale's characters, but, of course, giving each a satirical twist.

In Little John's (Eric Allan Kramer) case, he's just as prone to seeing ludicrously matched fights through as Robin Hood (Cary Elwes) himself. Their first meeting breaks out into a duel with long, hard sticks (not those, pervs), which each of them continually use even as the sticks keep breaking and shrinking.

Eventually, all that's left in each man's hand is a wooden nub, and Robin gets the best of John, knocking him off the bridge and into the world's shallowest river. The water barely soaks through John's clothes as he lies in it, writhing in fear and shouting, "Help! I can't swim!"