Appears In: Deadwood (2004-2006)
Portrayed By: Timothy Olyphant

Bullock is one of the few characters on this list to be based on a real person. You likely wouldn't guess this was the case, given the magical realism of David Milch's Deadwood. Any fan will tell you that extreme naturalism wasn't exactly the order of the day on the show.

Olyphant's Bullock isn't as eager to pin on the tin star as Raylan Givens, his character in Justified, as he moves to town with the idea of opening up a hardware store and leaving his gunfighting days behind. As often happens, the ex-sheriff becomes a sheriff once again when he sees the nefarious forces at work in the pioneer town.

Despite Bullock being urged back into his crusade for the forces of good, the morality of Deadwood is less clear cut than in most westerns. More than a few times, Bullock is compelled to join forces with nemesis Al Swearengen (Ian McShane). Don't let this dissuade those of you who haven't caught the show before—just because there is moral ambiguity doesn't mean that there aren't some great gunfights and the standard HBO nudity.