Appears In: Have Gun - Will Travel (1957-1963)
Portrayed By: Richard Boone

Not only is Paladin on Have Gun - Will Travel a gunslinger, the entire show is also based around the idea that he has a gun to sling (and also apparently, as such, he is capable of travelling).

Paladin was a gentlemen gunfighter, which meant that rather than just hauling off and shooting you, he would ask you a couple questions, then haul off and shoot you. Also, his calling card was a knight chess piece, which made his shooting even more gentlemanly.

From our point of view, Paladin took the chess thing way to seriously. He went as far as to compare himself to the marble horse. He claimed, "It's an attack piece, the most versatile on the board. It can move eight different ways, over barriers, and [is] always unexpected." OK, dude, whatever you say, you're the guy with the gun.

In addition to his musings on chess, the intellectual Paladin incorporated literary references, from Shakespeare to Donne, into his routine, which further angered the villains who were already annoyed by the chess references, adding insult to injury before he killed them.