Appears In: Appeared in 40 films and TV shows including Law of the Lash (1947), Return of the Lash (1947), and The Black Lash (1952)
Portrayed By: Lash LaRue

Lash LaRue is an OG gunslinger from the era of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, from back in the day when a man would play characters named after himself every time he stepped on screen, and that's just how it was. 

LaRue differentiated himself from other cowpokes of the era by carrying around a bullwhip and dressing all in black. Though LaRue appeared in numerous different television shows and films, the man kept it humble. He would often show up for appearances at local theatres around the country, making him the only western star that children had a decent chance of actually meeting.

Like most aging cowboys, LaRue had a tough time later in his career. Lash resorted to two-bit convention appearances, B-movies, and even a western-themed pornography entitled Hard on the Trail while working out his long-standing troubles with the IRS. Later in life, LaRue seemed to make peace with all of it, finding solace in born-again Christianity and guitar playing as he faded deep into the hazy collective memory of pop culture.