Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Stars: Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings

When Alfred Hitchcock decided to try his hand at 3D moviemaking for this tale of a husband (Ray Milland) intent on murdering his wife (Hitch muse Grace Kelly), audiences resented the director's willingness to so easily embrace what they believed would be a short-lived fad. So Hitchcock caved and released the film in its flat version instead, leaving the 3D edition to flounder for nearly three decades until it premiered in San Francisco in 1980.

Which is too bad. Because the Master of Suspense sure did know how to milk the medium for all it was worth, ratcheting up the tension in ways that he could never achieve in 2D, leading the studio to re-release the film (in all its stereoscopic splendor) in 1982.