Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are going through the divorce motions now, but just eight years ago, he was jumping on Oprah’s couch like Kevin McCallister because he was oh so in love with her. What was intended as a cute display of love was instead an instant pop-culture moment that served as an initial alert that Tom had maybe lost some of his marbles in between all of those action movie chase scenes.

Then there’s the reason Katie is rumored to be leaving him for in the first place: Scientology. Plenty of actors have adopted the cult-like religion, but Cruise’s support is on an otherworldly level, and can be very off-putting to others. Just ask Brooke Shields and Matt Lauer, both of whom had very public spats with Tom about the validity of postpartum depression, chemical imbalances, and the like.

Whether the Church of Scientology planned Katie Holmes’ pregnancy to position Suri Cruise as the harbinger of their worldwide takeover, well…that remains to be seen. We just like his movies.