The decorated veteran actress keeps it light most of the time, but, having played one of America’s most famous outlaws, she too is known to get gangster when she feels the need to. Of course, her assessment of when the moment calls for it differs vastly from that of a sane, less egomaniacal person. Ms. Dunaway is notorious for blacking out on anyone in the service industry (hotel concierge, flight attendants) who would dare to give her anything less than the best, but beyond that, she isn’t above thugging journalists should they—God forbid—not stick to her script.

She left a hilariously batshit string of voicemails for her biographer’s producer, redundantly railing on the poor guy for asking too many questions about her Joan Crawford flop Mommie Dearest. A Guardian reporter who had the stones to bring up Roman Polanski was unceremoniously shown the door in frantic, shrieking fashion.

And what about Roman makes Faye rage so? Well, the story goes that she and the director quickly built up a contentious relationship on the set of Chinatown due to his controlling methods, a tense situation that boiled over when he made her do numerous takes of the same car scene despite her pleas for a bathroom break. Did Faye freak out and storm off set? Nope. Instead, when Polanski bent down to the car window to give her yet another piece of direction, she rolled the window down, threw a coffee cup full of liquid in his face and rolled the window back up. Bathroom break achieved.