What is it about David Letterman’s late night show that makes the Hollyweird crazies choose it to reveal how whacked out of their mind they are? Back in ’87, Crispin (whose middle name is Hellion) pulled a stunt that Joaquin Phoenix would later replicate when he came on Dave’s show wearing platform shoes and a wig, in character for the film Rubin and Ed.

The only problem was, nobody knew what the hell Rubin and Ed was (it was released four years later) and all of Glover’s antics—like challenging Dave to an arm-wrestling match and executing a karate kick just inches from his face—forced Letterman to walk off of his own set. As with Phoenix, you can choose to believe that Glover, who appeared on Letterman twice after the incident under normal circumstances, was simply trying to pull off a stunt, but no one would blame you if you assumed the guy who convincingly played Willard the rat king is also weird as fuck in real life.