So you popped a Molly and you’re sweating, huh? Well, back in 2000, Anne Heche took some E, walked around the fringes of Fresno in just a bra and shorts and nearly two miles later ended up at a stranger’s house. The good Samaritan happily obliged the movie star with water and a shower, but got understandably freaked out when Anne showed no intentions of leaving and asked to watch a movie instead. When authorities arrived, Heche proclaimed that she was God, and was going to “take everyone back to Heaven in a spaceship.”

We wish we could say the moral of the story is "Drugs are bad!" but unfortunately it’s a bit deeper than that. Anne later explained that she suffered regular abuse from her father as a child, and created an alternate universe and personality—Celestia of the Fourth Dimension, half-sister of Jesus Christ—as a mental escape from her trauma. Thirteen years after “the event,” she lives happily with actor husband James Tupper and two kids. We’re glad she was able to put the past behind her.