Wonderland—the sordid dramatization of porn star John Holmes' (Val Kilmer) involvement in a July 1981 quadruple homicide in Hollywood—is a sloppy, overblown movie housing several excellent performances, namely Eric Bogosian's turn as the ordeal's alleged mastermind, Eddie Nash.

Originally born in Palestine (as Adel Gharib Nasrallah), Nash rose to fame in Hollywood by owning various nightclubs and discos, and, in a much quieter fashion, dealing drugs and living the criminal lifestyle. It's said that the Wonderland Murders were payback from Nash after his house was robbed two days earlier (on a tip from his "friend" Holmes, who was indebted to the robbers).

Bogosian's performance is certainly one of Wonderland's showiest, blending a dangerous cult-leader-like charisma with the actor's own natural creepiness. With those large, piercing eyes, Bogosian intimidates by merely waking up in the morning.