As Seen In: Videodrome (1983)

The king of body horror, David Cronenberg filled his early cinematic oddities with all kinds of physical grotesqueries. A prime example of the acclaimed filmmaker's icky sensibilities is the superb science-fiction flick Videodrome, which follows a TV station president, Max Renn (James Woods), who falls victim to a mysterious broadcast signal's hallucinogenic and flesh-altering capabilities.

Near the film's end, Max assassinates the head of a weapons manufacturing company in front of a large crowd, but he doesn't just shoot him dead John Wilkes Booth style: Max blasts him with his "cancer gun," or, simply put, the revolting gun-shaped mass that used to be his hand. The "bullet" causes the victim to violently convulse while bubbling up into a blob of blood, guts, and general nastiness.