As Seen In: Suspiria (1977)

Few filmmakers have ever depicted murder with as much colorful pizazz and operatic grandeur as Dario Argento. The Italian gore-master's best movies are marked by elaborate, prolonged sequences of sadism, typically enacted upon women and punctuated by bombastic, haunting musical scores.

Argento's magnum opus is Suspiria, the phantasmagoric 1977 knockout about an American ballerina who unwittingly moves into a German ballet school run by bloodthirsty witches. Its opening scene is arguably Argento's crowning achievement in carnage. A recently expelled student, Pat (Eva Axén) gets attacked by a ghostly pair of arms that disembowel her, tie a cord around her neck, and send her crashing through a glass ceiling, left dangling in mid-air, neck snapped.

Accentuated by Goblin's wailing, demonic score, this kill is a work of disturbed art.