As Seen In: Hot Fuzz (2007)

As a comedy, Hot Fuzz is hilarious, tremendously effective, and sharp-witted when it comes to sending up the tired formulas seen in action films and buddy cop adventures. However, as a vehicle for several sequences of gore and slaughter, director Edgar Wright's 2007 box office hit had surprising, unexpected force.

When people die in Hot Fuzz, they don't exit without leaving mental scars in the minds of viewers. Check out how well-meaning journalist Tim Messenger (Adam Buxton) reports from his final crime scene: While snooping around church grounds, his entire body, from the head downward, is caved in by a stone pinnacle that's sent from the church's rooftop by a cloaked killer. And since Hot Fuzz is all about the laughs, Messenger's fatally punctured body stumbles around a bit before dropping to the ground.