As Seen In: Final Destination (2000)

Is it silly to talk about Seann William Scott's body of work? Such a sophisticated phrase seems more appropriate for the likes of Daniel Day-Lewis and Meryl Streep; Scott, on the other hand, has either played Stifler or riffs and variations on Stifler. Except in the original Final Destination movie, in which Scott plays an immature elementary school kid in a high school teen's body. Totally different, guys.

Throughout the film, Scott panics, manically complains, and suffers through a role better suited for Dustin "Screech" Diamond. So it's a good thing that the actor, whom we otherwise like, gets to die in a magnificent way. His fatality comes after a rather well-staged sequence on a train track, during which four of the main characters battle through jammed seat belts to evade a speeding locomotive, and, in their eyes, alter Death's plan.

However, an unseen piece of shrapnel feels the track's fateful vibrations and makes a beeline for Scott's mouth, slicing everything above the upper lip clean off. Stifler would say, "That's some good head!"