If you’re going to embark on an online relationship, take every episode of Catfish so far as a cautionary tale: Download Skype, and if the object of your affections refuses to do the same, realize that something is very much awry. Every instance of deceit these people suffered could have been easily avoided by doing this, especially so in the case of Sunny and “Jamison.”

Sunny believed she was talking to a guy who was a model, and they’d spoken on the phone a few times, so she was absolutely sure that the man of her dreams was who he said he was. When they met, however, he wasn’t—in fact, he wasn’t even a he. How Sunny wasn’t able to tell that 19-year-old Chelsea’s voice didn’t belong to a male model who looks like this is beyond us, but her situation wouldn’t have been so bad if she’d firmly requested a video-chat date.

Learn from Sunny's mistakes. Otherwise, who knows; You could either be talking to the real deal, or some 45-year-old dude who lives in his mother's basement and trolls YouTube comments for fun.