While we can understand developing an emotional attachment to someone online, Catfish teaches us that it’s really better to wait until actually meeting a person before you actually decide to put labels on the relationship. The reasoning behind this is that there is a very strong chance someone could be lying, not to mention that it’s hard to maintain a relationship if you haven’t even met the person in the flesh yet.

Take Jarrod and “Abby”: Jarrod believed that Abby could be the one, and they were talking about serious things like moving in together. When Jarrod actually met Abby, however, it turned out that she wasn’t Abby, she was Melissa. Similarly, in Sunny and Chelsea’s case, Sunny was referring to “Jamison” as her boyfriend before she discovered that he was actually a she. Long-distance relationships are hard enough—there’s no point in making them harder by starting something with someone you have yet to meet offline who may not even be who they say they are.

Save yourself the heartache by not investing yourself completely into a relationship that is as flimsy as Internet connections can be.