EXP. Book 1

Creator: Cory Schmitz

Link: http://cargocollective.com/coryschmitz/EXP-Video-Game-Art-Culture 

It's rare to see something as fresh and invigorating as the video game art and culture book, EXP. when most print publications are either vying for more advertising revenue by pandering to as wide of an audience as possible, or are simply not existing at all anymore. Applying his unique sense of design to several video game illustrations inside the book, it's the ultimate collection of high-brow fan art that highlights the themes of each of its games through brilliant minimalism.

Since working on the book, Cory has gone on to work for a variety on a variety of other projects with some awesome partners including Indie Game: The Movie, Anamanaguchi,  and the Indie MEGA Booth.