In news that comes as a surprise to absolutely no one, Zero Dark Thirty is reportedly killing it at the domestic box office already. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film, which was only released to five theaters in Los Angeles and New York on Wednesday, has already earned an unprecedented $124,848 - the most a film has ever earned from a limited release on a Wednesday, outside of The Lion King. With the weekend approaching, this number is expected to rise, and it's a good sign for when the film expands to a nationwide release on January 11th.

As for the other new films that opened Wednesday: The Seth Rogen- Barbra Streisand-starring Guilt Trip earned an unimpressive $1.1 million on opening night, which puts its debut at #2 behind The Hobbit's $6.3 million earned.

Disney's rerelease of Monster's Inc. debuted to the fourth spot with $777,000 earned, but this number is expected to rise with the weekend approaching.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]