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Neighborhood: Koreatown
Address: 335 5th Ave.
Date Visited: 12/16/2012
Smelled Like: Grease
Most Heinous Feature: The huge pole that takes up half the space.

We feel bad singling out the pigtailed creator of the Baconator, as every fast-food bathroom in Midtown is a hellhole. But we have to; there must be an offering, and that offering must be Wendy.

The tiny size of the bathroom, the resaurant's location—directly across the street from the Empire State Building—and the huge black pole jutting up through the floor next to the toilet, make this spot stand out from the pack. On a busy day you'll wait in a line that snakes around the subterranean tables packed with exhausted families of tourists dunking nuggets, standing behind folks in their new "I <3 NY" shirts and foam Statue of Liberty head pieces, slupring Frosties to distract themselves from the wait. As the German man in line muttered, "Das ist nicht so gut."