Neighborhood: Midtown
Address: 89 East 42nd St.
Date Visited: 12/2/2012
Smelled Like: Sweat and Fried Food
Most Heinous Feature: Everything is broken.

The narrow corridors of the basement bathrooms in Grand Central Terminal are reminiscent of cattle chutes. Travellers and work-a-day hustlers move in and out at extreme speeds, pushing through the smells of cheap Chinese and Mexican food, in a desperate attempt to escape the bowels of this transit hub. "Out of order" is the order of the day here. On any given day, you'll find that different hand-dryers, sinks, and (God forbid) toilets are newly out of comission. When even one of these machines is down, it gums up the fast-paced works, causing congestion, leaving scores of travellers anxiously waiting for their moment of sweet relief.

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