Neighborhood: Lincoln Square
Address: Central Park, West Side From 66th to 69th St.
Date Visited: 12/9/2012
Smelled Like: Garbage
Most Heinous Feature: The pile of filled garbage bags sitting on a shelf in the corner.

We explored the numerous bathrooms dotting Central Park as cruel winter approached. Some of the most offensive lavatories, like the Bethesda Fountain bathrooms, are locked up for the season as a gesture of mercy. The stench that rises from the depths of those spots is contained, if only for a few glorious months, by the cold.

Though the rest of the bathroom at Sheep Meadow is standard Central Park grime, there's a pile of garbage bags perched on shelves next to the toilet that make this spot uniquely unbearable. Why install shelving of this sort in the bathroom? Of the 843 acres in the park, it's strange that they couldn't find room for one more maintenance shed or dumpster. While we can appreciate the cost-saving measure in the abstract, we did not appreciate it during our visit.