Nothing is easy in New York City. Instead of jumping in your car, you wait an hour for a delayed C Train. Instead of taking out a mortgage, working to own your own place, you begin each year wondering whether you'll be priced out of your current neighborhood and the next neighborhood over. Just finding a place to use the bathroom can be a herculean task. Sure, there are a few fabled spotless public restrooms that live on in local folklore, but most stories you hear about public johns are horror stories. What's worse, they're true stories.

Complex journeyed into the seedy underbelly of Manhattan. We inspected public restrooms, as well as the restrooms inside big box retailers and chains that function as de facto public piss-holes in fair Gotham. We've done the research. Now, the findings: the 10 Worst Public Restrooms in NYC.

Written by Brenden Gallagher (@muddycreekU)

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