Most iconic role: Kyle Johnson in The Luck of the Irish (2001)
Age: 29
Place of birth: Choctaw, OK
Most recent project: Hawaii Five-0 (TV series, 2012)

What do you expect from Ryan Merriman? As a child he appeared in Smart House, a movie about a programmed house that goes awry and would probably try to kill him if the situation arose on a different channel. He also starred in The Luck of the Irish, in which he doesn't realize he's Irish until he can't stop step dancing and is knocked down by a carnie (which turns him into a leprechaun and is also a really hard way to find out you're Irish).

Of course he's going to play a murderer (in Pretty Little Liars) and try to jump off a roof (in Hawaii Five-0)he has a dark past, man! —TA