Most iconic role: Alex Thompson in Alley Cats Strike (2000)
Age: 28
Place of birth: Mississauga, ON, Canada
Most recent project: Arrow (TV series, 2012)

Ask any DCOM star, and they'll tell you how much can change in a few years. Ask Schmid, and he'd likely have a pretty nice story to tell.

Three years after 2000's Alley Cats Strike, after wearing clothes purchased from a catalog found in the back of a bowling alley, he was pushing back rich gold locks of hair with an aloof hand while wooing Raven-Symoné in The Cheetah Girls. From there, it was an easy progression to such disparate projects as A History of Violence and The Pacifier. Think about it for a second—you could swap those titles and they would still work for their respective movies. Wild, right?

Now he stars on Copper, BBC America's drama about crime in 19th century NYC. —RS