$60 off Nike+ Kinect Training and Nike+ Sports Watch ($139.99)

Retailer: Best Buy

Platforms: Xbox 360

(Game) Link: http://bit.ly/Wew5z0 

(Watch) Link: http://bit.ly/UxYyTc 

Hey, fatty. Yeah you, fatty fat fat. It's time to start the new year right by getting up and getting your fat fatty butt being less fat. Since going to the gym will be a mortifying experience, Microsoft and Nike have partnered up to bring you all the painstaking workouts at home with half of the humiliation of letting people see you in yoga pants!

Best Buy's got the new Nike + Kinect game for $10 off, and if you want to gear yourself up to the max (because your commitment to health this year is totally worth an expensive purchase) then you can get $50 off any Nike+ Sports Watch when you buy them together.