How important is your data to you? If it's of the utmost importance—we're talking so serious, you don't trust it in the cloud and will pay any amount of money to keep it safe and secure—you may want to look into ditching your current external hard drive for the ioSafe Solo G3

Able to withstand 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes and plunges into 10ft of water for up to 72 hours, the Solo G3 is about as safe as your data can get without shelling out for a professional security set-up. It connects to Macs and PCs via USB 3.0 and is compatible with Kensington locks and is dead silent thanks to its lack of fans and the implementation of the FloSafe cooling system. If, for whatever reason, your data is lost ioSafe will recover it, no questions asked. 

How much will type of security cost you? You can get a 1 TB Solo G3 now for $300

We know a few rappers and producers who should invest in one of these. 

[via Uncrate]