When Hotline Miami was announced, the developers at Dennaton and Devolver Digital set up an actual hotline for fans and players to leave voicemails on. These are some of the results—according to the email sent out with the video, the ones that were "suitable for public consumption." We're guessing there were plenty that weren't. Here are some excerpts:

"Playing Hotline Miami has made me hate every game that isn't Hotline Miami."

We definitely know that feeling.

"This game does a good job of allowing me to both have fun and not have fun."

Not sure whether that's a compliment.

"Hotline Miami is the best indie game of the year and may well be the best game of the year. And I drilled a lot of people in the skull with a power drill."

That escalated quickly.

"Okay, so, uh, this game's kind of scary. I didn't like it. It scared me. And then at the very end, I was like, 'What?' It confused me. But maybe that was the point. It was so scary that they killed all those people. Good game, though."

Not how we expected that one to end, actually.

Have you experienced the genius of Hotline Miami? Why don't you call the number at the end of the video and tell the devs about it directly?