Before Microsoft released Windows 8, its new vision of what an operating system should be, many wondered if it would be able to get developers to create worthwhile apps for the new platform. New statistics show that, while still behind Apple's App Store and Google's various operating systems, Windows 8 has amassed a good number of apps. 

35,167 to be exact. 

That number is still way below what's available for iOS and Android, but it shows steady growth for the new OS. Back in October there were only 10,000 apps available. According to The Next Web, there will be 50,000 apps available for Windows 8 in February if this pace continues. 

But with developers opting to release new apps for iOS first, then Android, how long will it take Windows 8 to be seen as a necessary investment? As it stands now, some of the most popular apps, like Spotify and Instagram, are still not available for Windows 8. That's something a bigger number can't mask. 

[via The Next Web]